6 Steps To Successful Online Dating

Online dating removes barriers that are there in the offline world, but also introduces many new obstacles in one fell swoop. This is the new age of dating, and unless you get yourself up to speed you could be missing out on the opportunity to find the love of your life – or maybe just an opportunity to have some fun!

Step 1: The Profile

This is a dating website and, like it or not, looks are a factor in how we decide who we want to date. Therefore showing a picture where your looking less than your best is a mistake you might live to regret. Spend some time on your profile and get it right. And, it’s not just your picture that’s important. What you write about yourself will mould how you’re perceived and will ultimately form the impression that potential daters will have of you.

Step 2: The Promise

While being step 2, this is rule one. It’s easy to develop an online dating persona with the brains of Albert Einstein and the body of Brad Pitt. The problem is that if the relationship is ever going to come to anything then your going to have to meet in person. And, if it goes anywhere from there then he or she is going to have to get to know you. Therefore be careful about what you say, because one day you may well have to prove it!

Step 3: The Pitch

If you see someone you like then coy won’t work online. With hundreds of thousands of profiles on dating websites don’t think the person you like is going to find you by accident. Unless fate is on your side, you’re going to have to pitch yourself to your potential partner.

Step 4: Your Details

Everyone’s heard the horror stories of what can go wrong when meeting people online. What’s worse, when you’re starry eyed and weak at the knees you can sometimes forget the fine line between being overly paranoid and downright stupid! You’re far better to opt for the first. Don’t give away your details until you’ve got to know the person more and you think they’re believable. Remember some things can be too good to be true.

Step 5: Your Due Diligence

Before going on a date with someone you met online, you have some preparation to do. Search for the person online and see if you can find anything on them. Are they on a social networking site? What do people say about them and how do they act there? It may take browsing but most people have some online footprint, which you can use to track them down. Do you know where they work? Maybe you could use this information to verify their identity. If you have any doubts at all, whatsoever, bring a friend along with you or suggest a double date.

Step 6: Your Date

Online dating is a

Seven Steps to Successful Online Dating

1. When creating your membership ID, make it something memorable.

This is the ‘code’ that you’ll be using to sign in to the site, so make it something that you’ll remember.

2. When you create your profile, be anonymous.

First and foremost, NEVER use your real first AND last name or include personally identifying information in your profile. Online dating can be a great experience, but it can also be an experience that you’d quickly like to forget if you don’t use your common sense. Don’t use identifying information such as your address, place of employment, or home phone number. All of these things can be traced.

3. When you create your profile, be honest.

Very few things are worse than ‘meeting’ someone online, and chatting with them for a bit only to discover that everything that they’ve written in that profile is a lie. If you’re a 300 lb. man…say so. Don’t list your height as 6’0″ when you’re really 5’7″. It sounds like a simple thing, but trust me, it happens much more often than we’d like to admit.

4. Include a recent picture.

And by ‘recent’, I’m not talking within the last 5 years. By recent, we mean within the last 2 or 3 months. Too many online daters post pictures of themselves in which they think they were at their best. Usually, they’re posting a picture that’s 5+ years old. That’s a definite faux pas.

5. Pay attention to the FIRST red flag.

So you’re talking to this seemingly cool guy who suddenly says that he likes taking pictures of himself naked amongst his stuffed toys. RUN! I’ve actually spoken to women who will overlook some really weird things, in the hopes that maybe….just maybe, the naked pictures with stuffed toys is the only quirky thing about this guy. I can’t say it strongly enough…there’s more strangeness to come. RUN. Don’t look back. Run far, and run fast.

6. Online dating is like catalogue shopping…

Once your profile has been approved, and your picture is up, get in there and have a look around! Don’t be afraid. No one knows you, so get moving and have some fun! See a guy/girl that you think is gorgeous? Drop him a note! All he/she can do is not return it. What have you lost? Absolutely nothing. But think about what you could gain if he/she does return it…

7. Don’t Settle.

Seriously. There are literally thousands of online daters, on any site at any time, so please, don’t settle for the guy who’s admitted that he likes biting his toenails because you think that if you let this one go, there’ll never be another. You can do better. Keep moving.

10 Steps to Successful Online Dating

Finding the right person online is not an easy task but if you follow these ten steps the process will be a lot easier:

10.Choose the right website. Many websites have popped up on the internet offering online dating services but because there are so many of them it can become quite confusing when you try to decide which one is suitable for you. Review each site carefully before you become a member. You don’t want to end up on a site for heterosexuals if you are gay.

9.Write truthful information about yourself when establishing a profile. Many people are overly concerned with other peoples opinions so they hide factual information about themselves. Remember you are not entering a popularity contest. You are online to find someone who you are compatible with and its their opinion that really matter, not everyone else’s.

8.State clearly in your profile who you are looking for and the qualities that they should possess. If you are looking for a single 22-28 yr old college educated female with no kids and good christian values, then say so. Otherwise you may be contacted by older, party-goer women with kids who don’t share you religious beliefs; a waste of both your time.

7.Upload a picture of yourself. As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A profile with a picture is likely to get a lot more hits than a similar profile with no pictures. The picture should be clear and professional.

6.Search for matches in your area and send emails. You would be surprised to know how many online daters check their inbox regularly for emails but they never send any. If you perform a search and you find someone you like then send them an email. You’ve got nothing to lose.

5.Check your email at least once per week and reply right away. When people send you an email its because something in your profile excited them so much that they want to learn more about you. Don’t let them wait forever they may lose interest or meet someone else who is equally captivating.

4.Set up an online real time date with instant chat. After you have shortlisted a few persons who you probably would like to meet in person, set up an online chat with them. Set a date and time and engage them in a live conversation where you can learn more about them.

3.Talk to your online friend over the phone. You don’t have to give them your number if you don’t feel comfortable. Many dating sites have an anonymous call feature that allows both parties to connect to each other without exchanging phones numbers. Call the phone number that pops up on your browser when you activate the anonymous feature and chat, chat, chat away.

2.Give your profile a facelift. If the dating game is not going too well for you tweak your profile. Change your display picture or add more pictures. Say things about yourself in different ways. Highlight attractive features you may have previously left out.