Seven Steps to Successful Online Dating

1. When creating your membership ID, make it something memorable.

This is the ‘code’ that you’ll be using to sign in to the site, so make it something that you’ll remember.

2. When you create your profile, be anonymous.

First and foremost, NEVER use your real first AND last name or include personally identifying information in your profile. Online dating can be a great experience, but it can also be an experience that you’d quickly like to forget if you don’t use your common sense. Don’t use identifying information such as your address, place of employment, or home phone number. All of these things can be traced.

3. When you create your profile, be honest.

Very few things are worse than ‘meeting’ someone online, and chatting with them for a bit only to discover that everything that they’ve written in that profile is a lie. If you’re a 300 lb. man…say so. Don’t list your height as 6’0″ when you’re really 5’7″. It sounds like a simple thing, but trust me, it happens much more often than we’d like to admit.

4. Include a recent picture.

And by ‘recent’, I’m not talking within the last 5 years. By recent, we mean within the last 2 or 3 months. Too many online daters post pictures of themselves in which they think they were at their best. Usually, they’re posting a picture that’s 5+ years old. That’s a definite faux pas.

5. Pay attention to the FIRST red flag.

So you’re talking to this seemingly cool guy who suddenly says that he likes taking pictures of himself naked amongst his stuffed toys. RUN! I’ve actually spoken to women who will overlook some really weird things, in the hopes that maybe….just maybe, the naked pictures with stuffed toys is the only quirky thing about this guy. I can’t say it strongly enough…there’s more strangeness to come. RUN. Don’t look back. Run far, and run fast.

6. Online dating is like catalogue shopping…

Once your profile has been approved, and your picture is up, get in there and have a look around! Don’t be afraid. No one knows you, so get moving and have some fun! See a guy/girl that you think is gorgeous? Drop him a note! All he/she can do is not return it. What have you lost? Absolutely nothing. But think about what you could gain if he/she does return it…

7. Don’t Settle.

Seriously. There are literally thousands of online daters, on any site at any time, so please, don’t settle for the guy who’s admitted that he likes biting his toenails because you think that if you let this one go, there’ll never be another. You can do better. Keep moving.